Currency Converter, Sales Taxes, Canadian Customs information for British Columbia, Canada

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British Columbia Trip Planner

Currency Converter, Sales Taxes, Canadian Customs
British Columbia, Canada

Canadian Customs Regulations | Currency | Sales Taxes

  1. Canadian Customs Regulations

    Foreign visitors coming to Canada should study Canadian Customs regulations, in order to make their entry into the province of British Columbia worry free. Regulations vary and can be quite different from country to country. All visitors entering B.C., except American citizens, must have in their possession a passport or travel documents. U.S. visitors should have proof of citizenship.

    Personal effects and wearing apparel that will be used by visitors are allowed into B.C. duty free. Sporting equipment for fishing, camping gear, golf clubs, tape recorders, stereos, cam corders, cameras, and other items that will be used while in B.C. should be declared on entering B.C.

    Drivers' licenses from the U.S., or from other countries, and international driver's licenses are valid in B.C.

    Check on the amount of duty-free goods your country allows you to take home from Canada. For complete information about Canadian customs regulations contact the nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

    For on-line information visit the following website: Canada Border Services Agency

  2. Currency Converter

    British Columbia, like all other provinces and territories that make up Canada, uses the dollar and cents money system. The rate of exchange paid on international currencies can differ from day to day, and country to country.

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    It is advisable that visitors, to avoid problems, exchange their foreign money at a bank or exchange institution. The exchange of some currencies other than the U.S. Dollar and the English Pound Sterling may not always be possible outside the Vancouver/Lower Mainland and Victoria Areas. Be sure to check this out before venturing into the interior. Vancouver International Airport has a Foreign Currency Exchange outlet. It is good idea is to always carry at least a small amount of Canadian cash and travellers' cheques.

    Major credit cards (IE: Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc) are readily accepted in most places throughout British Columbia. Automated Teller Machines that accept a variety of international bank cards (IE: Interac and Plus systems) and credit cards are available in all but the smallest of communities.

  3. Sales Taxes

    For current information on sale taxes in British Columiba visit the following Website: Ministry of Small Business and Revenue

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Currency Converter, Sales Taxes, Canadian Customs information for British Columbia, Canada